Kensington Hall

Emerging Live  Performing Artists


Emerging Live Performing Artists

LIve performing artists share Kensington Hall by booking their space requirements in minimum 4 hr increments. 

This sharing model makes the Hall more affordable for our valued emerging artist Clients.

We also rent the Hall by the full day & week.

Dora Award Winning Clients

In 2017 our Kensington Hall Clients garnered 6 Dora Award nominations and one Dora win!

Drop In for a Walk Through

Kensington Hall is a historic live performance venue with over half a century of creative vibes (see http://thenandnowtoronto.com/?s=Club+56) .

C'mon by the Hall & feel the room vibes for yourself. To text or email us for a walk through time right NOW ... click "Contact Info" immediately below. 



Email: gwarren@kensingtonhall.ca

TORONTO Text/Cell:  647-870-9434

NEW YORK CITY :  718-285-0835

LIve Online Booking Engine:


We love innovating payment plans that turn your dreams into realities at rates you can afford.  

Kensington Hall

56c Kensington Avenue, Toronto, ON. CA. M5T_2K1

(647) 870-9434


Monday - Sunday - 24/7

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